London Calling
News from the Big Cog

Day -2 London - 28.7.05 

Arrive London, Peter and Mum's friend Julia pick us up from airport and drive us to Battesea and our bikes. 

Assemble Betsy and Dan's bike - now Lance. Peter slept a bit Dan and I rode along river for quick look around.


Stumbled across Big Ben, Nelson's Column, Westminster, Piccadilly and on the way back Buckingham Palace. 

The winner was probably Battersea Park a lovely sprawling park with water features, sports grounds, the 

Thames on one side and stately homes on the other.

Stats Dist 21 Km, Average 15km/hr, Max ND, Climb ND

Hasn't fallen Yet!
News from the Big Cog 

Day -1 London - 29.7.05 

Peter joined us for a ride around London. 

Saw many of yesterdays sights. found a great gourmet food market next to a normal market wedged in 

between a cathedral, maritime museum and other assorted buildings. 

We found the tower of London and tower bridge but at the end of it all I decided that despite 

all the famous historic sites, it was the new glass structures that impressed me so.

Daniel attracts a Bobbie's attention at Big Ben

Stats Dist 32 Km, Average 16km/hr, Max ND, Climb ND


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